Lean Back and Relax, While We Deal With the German Bureaucracy!

Our easy 3 step process:

Claim Your Refund


Fill out our online form  to check your eligibility and start your refund process. With the information provided we will customize your refund claim documents.  

Print, fill out, sign and get your personal information confirmed by a German Embassy/Consulate before sending them back to our Berlin based office for further processing.  


Filing for your refund

After reviewing your documents we file for your pension refund and take care of the back to back correspondence in German language. 

We will keep you updated about every step in the process and you receive copies of our correspondence with the office.  


Receiving your Refund

Once the Pension Fund office has decided about your refund we make sure the amount is complete.

After receiving your refund we forward you the money to your bank account in your preferred currency after deducting our service fee.     

Our service fee.

We consult and evaluate your individual refund case for FREE.

We DO NOT charge any up-front or minimum fees!


That means: 

You only pay, IF and AFTER we succeeded in getting you a complete refund of your contributions!

Our service fee varies depending on how many years you paid contributions:


For refunds of less than 5 years contributed we charge 15 % (incl. VAT) of the refund amount.

For refunds of 5 years or longer contributed our commission is negotiable

There are no hidden costs – our service fee covers every step of the process.

If you do not get a refund, you do not pay any money. We consider it our job to make sure you get a complete refund!

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