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German Pension contributions Refund About Us

Easy, Quick & Secure German Pension Reimbursement for Non-EU Citizens
| Leading expert service for German pension refunds

Office building Rentenversicherung, Berlin  | All Rights Reserved.

About Us

Welcome to started back in 2007. We are located in Germany, close to the Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund headquarters. We operate right from the heart of Germany - Berlin.


Our first customers were our friends, former expat co-workers, that needed our help. Over time, word of mouth made us popular and soon we were helping hundreds of nationals from all over the world to get their German Pension refunds, directly collaborating with the required legal experts and big German industry.


Our mission


German Pension Refund Service | All Rights Reserved.

We noticed that there is a lack of general knowledge and information about the German pension refund possibilities and a lot of misleading information about not qualifying for a German pension refund.


Many applicants simply give up during the complex bureaucratic refund process, not to mention the difficulties of the language barrier. There is a lot of confusion and a lot of inaccurate information out there.

We made it our mission to shine a light on the misunderstandings. We provide professional service to working nomads who want to claim their German retirement insurance contribution reimbursement

We will save you a lot of time, money, and effort if you use our service. Our legal specialists will take care of your entire German pension refund process including the end-to-end correspondence in native German with the Deutsche Rentenversicherung.

What our customers say? visit Testimonials page.

German Pension Contribution Refund


Our service is Easy, Quick, and Secure. We only claim refunds that will succeed!


With our experience we know how to speed up the German Pension Refund process time and ensure you a smooth and relaxed experience throughout.


This is why we are here - to help other expats like you.

Includes a free eligibility check.

Office building Rentenversicherung, Berlin  | The German statutory pension insurance | All Rights Reserved

You only pay commission after you get your refund!


We do not charge any up-front fees, and there is no minimum fee to pay. We offer free consultation and evaluation of your case. While our legal specialists take care of your refund, you will be able to sit back and relax until your refund money has been deposited directly in your bank account.


Legal notice

Information in accordance with Section 5 TMG is powered by



Kaskelstraße 46

10317 Berlin


Phone: 030-49957826

WhatsApp: +49 1520 7134459



                Managing Director: Anna Kliem

                Commercial Registration Number: HRB 242004

                District Court of Berlin (Charlottenburg)

                VAT ID: DE352845957

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Our service fee is success-based. You only pay after you get your refund.

No minimum applied. 

Secure -Your refund will be received in a German law firm escrow account.

We have the right professional tools to speed up the process -

on average our refunds only take 8 weeks, while others have to wait for months.

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