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Sit back and relax until your German Pension Refund has been deposited directly into your bank account. Easy, Quick & Secure.

We protect your privacy. The information will only be used to evaluate your eligibility, to customize your refund agreement, and will NOT be shared with third parties.

German Pension Refund - Easy, Quick & Secure

If you are a non-EU citizen who has worked in Germany, you may be eligible to claim a pension refund after leaving Germany.

For you to qualify for a German pension refund, you must meet these two specific requirements:

#1: You must currently live in a non-EU country.

#2: At least 24 months must have passed since your last pension contribution in Germany.


If you meet those two requirements, congrats, you could* qualify for a pension refund!

And the best news of all: You don’t need to worry about the frustrations of German bureaucracy to claim your refund.

Claim your refund online today. Not only will we save you time and hassles, but we will also help you avoid any potential complications that may come your way during the process. 


We are here for you!

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We have been helping people just like yourself successfully claim their refunds since 2007.

And we do it in an Easy, Quick, and Secure way that will get you real results immediately.

Claim your refund online today, then sit back and relax until your refund has been deposited into your bank account.


Check out how easy it is to get your German Pension Refund with us!


What Our Customers Say

Do I Qualify for a German Pension Refund?

If you are a non-EU citizen and you live in a non-EU country and at least 24 months have passed since your last German pension contribution, you may be entitled to a refund.

* Additional rules apply for citizens of the following countries:

For USA, India, Australia, Canada, Albania, Moldova, North MacedoniaThe Philippines, and South Korea…to qualify for a German pension refund, your German pension insurance balance must hold less than 5 years of contributions.

For Brazil, Japan, Uruguay, and The former Yugoslav states…if you currently live in your home country, your German pension insurance balance must hold less than 5 years of contributions. However, if you live abroad in another country, like the USA as an example, this limit does not apply. 

If you are an Israeli citizen, you only qualify for a German Pension refund (before reaching retirement age) if you currently live outside of Israel, in another country like the USA as an example. 

Your nationality is not listed above? Congrats, that means no additional rules apply for you! 

Claim your refund online today. You can also use our free eligibility check to verify if you are entitled to a German pension refund. 

Do I Qualify for a Geman Pension Refund

How Much Can I Reclaim From My German Pension?

While you were employed in Germany, 9.3% * was deducted from your gross salary up to the income threshold and transferred to the German Pension Insurance.


If you are a non-European citizen, you can claim your pension insurance contributions back after moving out of Germany, provided you are entitled to do so.


Use our free reimbursement calculator to get an estimate of your possible premium reimbursement.


* Current rate since 2018, different in previous years



About is the leading expert for German pension contribution refunds on the market since 2007

Our goal is to provide the safest, fastest, and most easy refund experience. Claim your refund online with us, then sit back with peace of mind while we take care of everything for you.  Read more.


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We are experts on this topic. Our team is specialized in every social security agreement Germany has signed. Our experience goes back to the year 2007

We team up with specialized law firms to speed up the process and gain full legal leverage. Read more.
We provide free evaluation of your case - do not hesitate to contact us regarding your refund, eligibility, residence, waiting period, or any other questions that might arise reading through the information about German Pension Refunds.

What our customers say? Visit our Testimonials.


Amol Ekande
Germany Pension Refund 5 star review.png


Amazing experience...highly recommend

I had an amazing experience with Germany Pension Refund. They are very much prompt and punctual when it comes to providing timely updates and following up. the documentation work was very much hassle free. I got my refund processed in around 2 months.
Overall very pleased with the service.
Highly recommend to anyone who wants to avail the pension related service.

Posted on

Maclellan Swan
Germany Pension Refund 5 star review.png


Seamless experience

Excellent communication and a fast resolution. It was a really seamless experience working with the team here!

Read  on

South Africa - flag.png
Ademola Oyewale
Germany Pension Refund 5 star review.png


Impressed by the timely updates

They were absolutely helpful throughout the process. The communication was great and I was impressed by the timely updates.

I highly recommend using them without any doubt.

Posted on

indonesia - flag.png
Muhammad Nawawi
Germany Pension Refund 5 star review.png


Awesome company

Its awesome company. Trusted

Posted on

Joanna Cush
Germany Pension Refund 5 star review.png


Extremely pleased

Extremely pleased with the service. Prompt replies, clear instructions and kept up to date through the process

Posted on

Tim Burke
Germany Pension Refund 5 star review.png


Couldn't be happier with the results

Julia and her team were a pleasure to work with. They provided all of the proper documentation and communication throughout the process of my refund. It took about 2 months or so from end to end and I couldn't be happier with the results. Thank you!

Posted on

Germany Pension Refund 5 star review.png


Consistently exhibited professionalism, attentiveness, and a remarkable degree of accessibility

I am pleased to provide my enthusiastic recommendation for the exceptional services of Johannes Kühn and his team at

Throughout our collaboration, Johannes consistently exhibited professionalism, attentiveness, and a remarkable degree of accessibility. His dedication to keeping me thoroughly informed and offering invaluable guidance was priceless.

Johannes, I extend my best wishes for your continued success in all your future endeavors.

Warm regards,

Posted on

Germany Pension Refund 5 star review.png


Quick, friendly and very reliable service

When it comes to financial information it is difficult to trust but Germany Pension Refund offered a great, quick, friendly, and very reliable service. They deal with all the paperwork and keep you updated. Johannes was very kind and professional. I received my refund in less than two months. Highly recommended.

Posted on

Germanypensionrefund 4 star review.png


Always kept me updated...already recommended to my friends

I would highly recommend. Johannes is extremely good, knowledgeable, very responsive, kind, and helpful. He explained all the steps in details, took time in answering all my questions, filed my refund very fast and always kept me updated about the status. Mine took time due to the official in charge of my file, however, he always followed up about the status and provided any additional documents if needed. I have already recommended him to my friends. Some of them who already have received the refund had a very positive experience.

Posted on

Leoncio Xavier
Germany Pension Refund 5 star review.png


Made the whole process really simple and straightforward

I was concerned about the process, all paperwork and bureaucracy which I'd need to deal with it. Johannes made the whole process really simple and straight forward.
Congrats Team.

Posted on

Saurav Verma
Germany Pension Refund 5 star review.png


Delighted with the hassle free process

Absolutely delighted with the hassle free process of withdrawing the Germany Pension. We did it for my wife and I. Johannes followed up on each step with updates and explained every document(German -> English) clearly. It almost felt like an autopilot mode. Really recommended.

Posted on

Dayoung Kim
Germany Pension Refund 5 star review.png


Dedicated to make your life easier

Absolute solid 5++ star for this company. I did a thorough research on selecting a company beforehand, and was not disappointed. Johannes and his team are dedicated to make your life easier. He is quick to answer your emails and keeps you informed every step of the way. Pricing is very reasonable. You can restore your faith in German bureaucracy here.

Posted on

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