Pension Refunds After Leaving Germany

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If you are a non-European citizen, you could be eligible for reimbursement of your retirement insurance contributions paid while you worked in Germany.

If 24 months have passed since your last contribution in Germany, and you currently reside outside of the EU, EEA, CH, or UK area you could qualify to get that money back.

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Do I Qualify for a German Pension Refund?

On our FAQs page you will find all the answers. We provide detailed answers to your specific situation, your nationality, where you currently reside, and whether you are eligible for a German Pension Refund.

Different rules apply for Europeans, nationals of Contracting States, and nationals of Non-Contracting States. You can use our quick navigation to jump straight to your answer.

It is our professional mission to make sure you will get a fast, easy and secure refund of your Germany pension contributions, if you are eligible

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Most German pension contributions remain unclaimed for a number of reasons.

First, there is a lack of general knowledge, and it is hard to get reliable information about German pension refund possibilities and there is a lot of misleading information about not qualifying for a German pension refund online.

Second, many applicants simply give up during the complex bureaucratic refund process, not to mention the language barrier and the slow processing speed.

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How Much Can I Reclaim From My German Pension?


While you were employed in Germany, 9.3% * was deducted from your gross salary up to the income threshold and transferred to the German Pension Insurance.


If you are a non-European citizen, you can claim your pension insurance contributions back after moving out of Germany, provided you are entitled to do so.


Use our free reimbursement calculator to get an estimate of your possible premium reimbursement.


* Current rate since 2018, different in previous years



Welcome to, the leading expert service for German pension contribution refunds – since 2007

Our goal is to make sure you will get a safe, fast, and easy refund. We are providing you with the best and fastest way to get a reimbursement of your German pension contributions. Read more.



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We provide Free Consultation - do not hesitate to contact us regarding your refund, eligibility, residence, waiting period, or any other questions that might arise reading through the information about German Pension Refunds.


If you are holding non-European citizenshipyou might be able to reclaim your German pension contributions after leaving Germany. Find out if you are eligible.


Our free Pension Refund Calculator will give you an immediate answer on how much money you can reclaim, given that you qualify for a German Pension Refund