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Claim German Pension Refund Form | German Pension Reimbursement | for Non-EU Citizens | Beitragserstattung von der Deutschen Rentenversicherung

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Claim Your Pension Refund

Easy, Quick & Secure - Since 2007 


We protect your privacy! Your information will not be shared with third parties.

No credit card required. Our specialists will evaluate your refund eligibility and within 24 hours get in touch with you to start your refund. 

Nikki Anderson
Germany Pension Refund 5 star review.png


Stress-free experience..I would highly recommend

Really amazing experience with the team - they handled every single thing and aspect of getting my German Pension Refund back - not only were they extremely effective and efficient, letting me know everything I needed to provide them, but they also gave periodic updates on how everything was going and if they needed anything from me. It was honestly such a stress-free experience and I would highly recommend them for anyone looking to get their German Pension refunded..

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Nikhil Tripathi
Germany Pension Refund 5 star review.png


Two and a half months..extremely smooth

It took around two and a half months to get my pension refund. Thanks to the Germany pension refund team for all the help. The process was extremely smooth, and Julia from the team always gave prompt responses.

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Step 2

Within 24 hours our Refund Specialists will be in touch to start your refund



Step 3

Sit back and relax until your refund is in your bank account.

100% secure, German Law Firm Escrow


Easy, Quick, and Secure - Since 2007

Thanks to our years of experience, you will enjoy a smooth, pleasant, and safe German Pension Refund!

We only claim refunds that will succeed!

Our service fee is success-based. You only pay after you get your refund.

No minimum applied. 

Secure -Your refund will be received in a German law firm escrow account.

We have the right professional tools to speed up the process -

on average our refunds only take 8 weeks, while others have to wait for months.

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