German Pension Refund Eligibility 



As a citizen of Japan, while you were employed in Germany, each month a percentage of your gross salary was paid to the Deutsche Rentenversicherung - the statutory German Pension Insurance - as a pension insurance contribution to secure your retirement pension.


But what happens to your contributions now that you have left Germany? Can you get a German Pension Refund?

The German Social Security Code (§210 SGB IV) regulates the reimbursement of pension contributions from the German Pension Insurance. After you have left Germany, contributions can be refunded on application, if...

a) you have no right to voluntary insurance with the German pension insurance where you currently reside, and... 

b) at least 24 months have passed since the last pension contribution payment in Germany.

While b is relatively easy to meet, the social security agreement between Japan and Germany defines whether and where Japanese citizens have the right to voluntary insurance. And whoever is given the right to voluntary insurance cannot get a refund. To be eligible for a refund it is very important not to be given the right to voluntary insurance (as it does not matter if you intend to make use of it).


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Voluntary Insurance vs. German Pension Refund

The social security agreement between Germany and Japan regulates this question: 

As a Japanese citizen, you have the right to German voluntary insurance after leaving Germany if you still reside in the EU, EEA, CH, UK area. If you currently live in Japan, you only have the right to voluntary insurance, if you have already contributed in Germany for 60 months or longer. 

In other words, as a Japanese citizen you are entitled to a German Pension Refund if:

a) you live in Japan, but you have contributed for less than 60 months, or 

b) you live outside of Japan (and outside the EU, EEA, CH or UK) no matter how long you paid contributions. 


Rule of Thumb For Citizens of Japan:

If you have contributed for 60+ months you can only be reimbursed if you live outside the EU, EEA, CH, UK or Japan. If you have contributed for less than 60 months, you can also get reimbursed, if you live in Japan will help you to get a safe, fast, and efficient German Pension Refund if the above mentioned applies to your case, and 24 months have passed since your last contribution in Germany.

How Much Can I Claim From My German Pension Insurance?


While you were employed in Germany, 9.3% * was deducted from your gross salary up to the income threshold and transferred to the German Pension Insurance.


If you are a non-European citizen, you can claim your pension insurance contributions back after moving out of Germany, provided you are entitled to do so.


Use our free reimbursement calculator to get an estimate of your possible premium reimbursement.


* Current rate since 2018, different in previous years


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