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German Pension Contribution Refund Calculator

Refund Calculator | German Pension Reimbursement Calc | How much can I claim?
| Beitragserstattung Deutsche Rentenversicherung | How much is my pension refund?


German Pension Refund Calculator | All Rights Reserved.

Refund Calculator

How to use the calculator: 


STEP 1:  Enter the number of months worked in Germany.

STEP 2:  Select your monthly gross salary. Your refund estimate is shown. 

STEP 3:  Claim your refund.

Shilpa Dang
Germany Pension Refund 5 star review.png


Smooth and hassle free experience

Amazing Service!
Really enjoyed working with Christian!
Christian provided quick solutions to all queries. It was a smooth and hassle free experience. Who could think, I could get back my hard earned money so smoothly and just within 1.5 months, from Germany while sitting in India.
Great work!

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Stefan Ikelman
Germany Pension Refund 5 star review.png


Simply a fantastic service!

Simply a fantastic service! While you do have to take the time to gather and provide all the info they need to process the refund, they provide a great service and relatively quick in comparison. I could only imagine having to do this myself. Surely all foreigners wish to forget the nightmarish experiences at the Ausländerbehörde, so we're not looking forward to doing this type of work with another likely unhelpful government agency. So we kept putting it off, until we found this team. So happy we did! ...

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How to manually calculate my pension refund?


To manually calculate the amount of money you will get back if you claim a refund (eligibility given), is a simple formula: 


Your gross salary of every year you worked in Germany (up to a maximum equal to the cap) times the percentage in the corresponding year.

Add the sums together and you have your German pension refund amount.

But before you start looking up caps and percentages, simply use the free calculator that we've build just for you :).

Important Note:

The calculator does not serve as a guarantee to get a refund nor does it prove your eligibility. It is designed to help you calculate how much money you have contributed over the years. 


If you are eligible for a refund, we can help you get your money back.

Are You Eligible for a German Pension Refund?

If you are a non-European citizen, you could be eligible for reimbursement of your retirement insurance contributions paid while you worked in Germany.


If 24 months have passed since you left Germany, and you currently reside in a non-EU/UK country you could qualify to get that money back.

Claim your refund online to save time and avoid any potential complications.

Germany Pension Refund 5 star review.png


Really satisfied with their work

Wonderful, they solved my request within a couple of months. I am really satisfied with their work.

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Tegan Reeves
Germany Pension Refund 5 star review.png


Made navigating German bureaucracy a breeze

Johannes was responsive and helpful throughout the entire process, and made navigating German bureaucracy a breeze!

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Germany Pension Refund 5 star review.png


Seamless process...Fair rates

Absolutely seamless process. Fair rates and great communications. Highly recommended.

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Ashish Gandhi
Germany Pension Refund 5 star review.png


Seamless and efficient...Don't think twice and go with them

The experience with Johannes was seamless and efficient. I got my refund really quickly and without any hassles whatsoever. Highly recommend German pension fund team. Don’t think twice and go with them.

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